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Aluminium Sling Rings

RM 35.00

Inner diameter: 2.5" Outer diameter: 3" If you are using a medium or dress weight fabric, in widths of 26 "-30", you might be more comfortable with the medium size rings. In general, the medium size rings will give you a sling that is secure, but may not be as easy to adjust as the large rings if your fabric is on the thicker side. Many people prefer medium rings when making a single-layer dupioni or shantung silk sling, especially if it will be machine-washed.

Ring Testing

Our goal is to bring you the highest quality rings possible. To ensure quality we submit our rings to rigorous testing. During our design phase we perform the following tests:

Impact Testing
Pull Testing
Soaking in bleach and then a full washer/dryer cycle
Freezing followed by additional impact testing
Heating followed by additional pull testing

As part of the manufacturing stage we perform the following tests:

Pull test each individual ring to 250 pounds
1 ring per batch pulled to destruction
Periodic rings are sent for testing in an independent laboratory to verify crush and deformation testing
Rings are also sent to testing agencies here and in other countries to verify heavy metal and toxin free

Our rings and manufacturing process are RoHS compliant and lead and nickel free.

Please go to Download our General Certificate of Compliance with the CPSC/CPSIA